When the Levy Breaks

All my life, I have tried to be nice to everyone, whether or not they truly deserved it.  I have bitten my tongue and not revealed abuses others have done to me because I didn’t want anyone else’s opinions of others to be clouded by my experiences with them.  I’ve always played the role of being too nice, staying above slinging mud even when others were coating me with it from every angle.

There comes a time, though, when enough is enough.  When you just can’t take another lie, another misrepresentation, another twisted truth, another manipulation being thrown your way.  Enough with the bullshit.  The levy has officially broken.

This morning, I was faced with an influx of second-hand bullshit that my ex had passed along, painted all pretty and tied with a bow as is it were the truth.  Try as you might, though, you cannot polish a turd.  If it looks like bullshit and smells like it, too, chances are that is what it is.

I found myself fed up.  Thoroughly fed up.  I am tired of people walking all over me, bullying and abusing me, and manipulating situations to always make me appear to be the bad guy.  They have faith in the fact that I will always walk that moral high ground and not reveal the truth.  They count on the fact that I’m too nice to say anything so they can get away with whatever they choose without consequence or retaliation.

No more.  No more letting anyone abuse me or manipulate situations.  No more biting my tongue and letting others spew bullshit masquerading as the truth.  I am no longer a pushover.  I will no longer let anyone walk all over me.

The truth shall all come out.  I am not concerned about the parts where I come across as less than wholesome or pure because I have no qualms about owning my own actions and decisions.  I am far from perfect and I own that.  But no longer will I cover up the actions of others and let them tarnish me with their lies.

I have become a force to be reckoned with.  I deserve better and I will accept nothing less.  The levy has broken.  A new era has begun.

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