[External Blog] Inspirational Advocate: B.L. Acker – Surviving Depression No Longer Was a Enough For Me. I Wanted to Live and Flourish

Recently, I was approached by the gentleman behind a website called Inspirational Souls to write an original piece for his site.  His premise was beautiful in its simplicity – to highlight the stories of people who are touching the world in some way, whether through their art or their advocacy.  I found myself both thrilled and honored, as well as truly humbled by his request.

I found myself at a loss for words, though, which is rare for me, because I have truly never thought myself to be inspirational.  He began with a simple question:

“When did I first realize I was suffering from depression?”

Admittedly, I laughed.  But then the floodgates opened and my words began to flow.

The full piece, published on 10/28/16, can be found exclusively at Inspirational Souls, by clicking the picture below:


If you find yourself visiting his site to read my piece, please take a moment to read some of the other stories on there.  It is a great honor to be included among so many truly inspirational souls.


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