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General Mental Illness Blogs

– Unlovable: Why Put My Life Out There for the World to See?

– Self-Awareness and Avoidance: Accepting the Realization That I Carry the Sins of Others on My Back

– I am NOT Disposable! : A Rant from the Easily Discarded

– Broken but NOT Done

– Hopeful

– Putting up Walls

– Removing Toxins

– A Long Overdue Letter to Myself

– The Importance of Speaking Out about Mental Illness

– The Mental Illness Epidemic

– What It Is Like To Live With The Stigma of Mental Illness & Why We Need To Fight It

– Why I Prefer My Thanksgiving Alone

– Holding Onto My Past

– Responding to Voices from My Past

– The Meltdown

– A Realistic Way To Look At Mental Illness

– The Harsh Reality of Mental Illness: The Darkness that Exists in the Light

– Life Happens..

– Logged In: Video Games & Mental Illness

– The Purrfect Medicine: Separating The Myths From The Truth About Having An Emotional Support Animal

– Are We To Blame For Our Depression?

– Allowing Love and Happiness Into My Life

Diagnosis-Specific Mental Illness Blogs

– Checking Doors: Explaining How Anxiety Rules my Life

– The Loneliness of Depression

– Stranger at my Window. PTSD at my Door

– The Blah Days of Depression

– The Downward Spiral of Depression

– Please Bear With Me When It Comes To Emotions- My Brain Just Doesn’t Work Correctly

– Today was a Good Day

– Even I Don’t Understand My Anxiety

– The Isolation of Depression

– The Depression Dialogue: The Reality of What I Hear in My Head

– …So Tired Of Being Judged For My Depression

– Anxiety and Insecurity Go Hand in Hand

– Depression is NOT Caused by Circumstances or Lack of Effort.

– Christmas – Not Always the Most Wonderful Time of the Year When You Suffer from Depression

External Mental Illness Blogs

– How Writing My Story Saved Me From Suicide

– Inspirational Advocate: B.L. Acker – Surviving Depression No Longer Was a Enough For Me. I Wanted to Live and Flourish

– Victory is Mine! Fighting for & Winning Coverage is Possible!

Technical Mental Illness Blogs

– Depression & Genetics

– Fighting for My Mental Health: Battling My Insurance Company for Coverage

– The Meds Crash..: What Happens When Your Insurance Company Won’t Cover the Medications Needed for Your Mental Health

– The New York State Appeals Process: Apparently Not Everyone Who The State Certifies To Prescribe Medication Is Considered ‘Educated Enough’ To Defend Their Patients’ Prescriptions During An Appeal

Blogs about Family

– Mother Dearest: Trying to Look at My Mother through Adult Eyes

– Dysfunction Breeds Dysfunction: Different Roads, Same Destination: The Devastation of Losing My Daughter

– Opening a Big Can of Worms: Talking to My Children About My Mental Illness

– The Shooting

Blogs about Relationships

– A Break Up Letter to My Ex: Healing Through Saying Goodbye

– …Perhaps Another Time: Explaining the Obstacles of Maintaining Friendships when Suffering from Mental Illness

– It Was the Best of Times. It Was the Worst of Times: A Tale of a Dysfunctional Relationship

– Happy Nightmares: The Horror of Dreaming about Those who Hurt Me

– Some Day My Prince Will Come? The Quest for Love When Mentally Ill

–  I’m Allowed to Say you Hurt Me..

– Mourning Ghosts & Fairy Tales

– A Plea from My Mentally Ill Heart

– The Evolution from Dysfunctional to Healthy Love

– Love Come Full Circle

– Finding Love Within My Mentally Ill Heart

– Is There Such a Thing as a Healthy Relationship when You’re Mentally Ill?

– Some People Just Don’t Get It..

Blogs about Suicide

** Possible Trigger Warning **

– Suicidal Ideation: Hello Old Friend: Talking about Those Persistent Thoughts of Wanting to Give Up

– Suicide Prevention Month Through the Eyes of Someone Who has been Suicidal

– Irrational Survivors Guilt

– Honoring the One that Got Away

– Depression Kills

– Cutting Free

– If I Were Gone… : When Suicidal Ideation Takes You to Dark Places

– Fighting Suicide From A New Perspective

Blogs about Abuse

** Possible Trigger Warning **

– How Sexual Abuse Changed Me

– Learning to Love Yourself More: Identifying and Overcoming the Toxicity of a Narcissist

– Lies My Narcissist Told

– When the Levy Breaks

– Stunted by Abuse

– To the Last Person Who Abused Me..

In the News:

– When Tragedy Hits the Slippery Slope: Mental Health & Gun Control

– Why, As Someone Who Speaks Out About Mental Illness, Donald Trump Scares Me

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