Mental Health Merchandise

***This page is under construction as new products are uploaded to my seller portal and linked here.***

B. L. Acker has designed a variety of mental health merchandise that strives to portray mental illness in a realistic light while promoting mental wellness, encouraging dialogue, and fighting the stigma attached.  All products listed below are available for purchase through B. L. Acker’s RedBubble seller’s portal.

Mental Health Charts:

My line of mental health charts are available for purchase in a variety of formats and sizes from stickers to posters.


Anxiety Chart

Mental Health Awareness:

My line of mental illness awareness merchandise is available for purchase on a variety of products from stickers and posters to shirts, travel mugs and pillows.

My Illness Does Not Define Me Ribbons:

 My Mental Illness Does Not Define Me | My Depression Does Not Define Me |  My Bipolar Disorder Does Not Define Me My PTSD Does Not Define MeMy Personality Disorder Does Not Define MeMy Anxiety Disorder Does Not Define Me

Suicide Remembrance & Awareness Ribbons:

Remembering Someone Lost to Suicide  | Surviving Suicide | Fight the Stigma & Talk About Suicide

Abuse Awareness Ribbons:

Domestic Abuse & Mental Health |  Bullying & Mental Health

Original Mental Health Artwork:

Coming soon.